The series of industrial endoscopes is suitable for viewing small spaces, various parts of the engine, hydraulics, castings of various grades of steel, the interior of tanks, cracks, welds, cuts.

Videoendoscope with probe

VEP3 series videoendoscopes

Videoendoscope, central unit

VEP3 series videoendoscopes

Probe with a camera

VEP3 series videoendoscopes

Transport case

VEP3 series videoendoscopes

VEP3 4150/4300VEP3 6150/6300
Screen size3.5"3.5"
FOV field of view>90°>90°
DOF depth of field15mm- ∞15mm- ∞
Camera diameter4.5mm6.4mm
Probe length1.5m/3.0m1.5m/3.0m
Articulationw 4 kierunkachw 4 kierunkach
Articulation angle>90°>90°
WaterproofIP65IP65 (IP67 - opcja)

Features of the VEP3 SERIES videoendoscope

  • easy to use and carry
  • handpiece control by joystick, 4-way 360 ° articulation, simple operation
  • high quality and resolution, 5x digital zoom
  • possibility of taking photos and videos
  • 3.5 „LCD monitor
  • adjustable LED lighting
  • stainless steel cover
  • 4×1.5V (AA) battery or 4×1.2V (AA) rechargeable battery, operation over 2 hours


VEP3 series videoendoscopes

Artykulacja Wideoendoskopu 4.5mm

Wideo endoskop 4.5mm inspekcja

Wideoendoskop 4.5mm inspekcja alternatora

Wideoendoskop - inspekcja ,peszel stalowy