Fiberoskop Ø1.6mm

mini boroskop

The most important features of Micro Borescopes:

  • small outer diameter from Ø0.5mm to Ø2.5mm
  • any length of the endoscope
  • resistance to external factors
  • high operating temperature < / li>
  • a thin stainless steel tube allows the endoscope to be bent slightly
  • the use of a NiTi Super Elastic flexible tube increases the observation range
  • wide field of view
  • lens selfoc type provides excellent resolution
  • image resolution from 1600 ± 100,000 pixels
  • the adjustable eyepiece used ensures individual focus of the field of view
  • compatibility with various endoscopic examination systems < / li>
  • CCD camera connectivity
  • simple and trouble-free design

Dedicated additional accessories:


Light sources

Stationary and portable