The figure shows the structure of the rigid endoscope.
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Endoscopes, borescopes

these are optical devices that have been designed for use in industry. The endoscope contains precise elements, both optical and mechanical. They can be used for various control tasks.

The image in the endoscope is transmitted through the optical path consisting of a system of cylindrical lenses, while the illumination is made of a fiber optic beam, thanks to which the examined object can be illuminated with an LED or a halogen bulb. A special angular adapter (in the case of a 0º endoscope) can be attached to the endoscope lens, which allows you to change the viewing angle, which significantly extends its versatility and application.

The endoscope is adapted to work with CCD cameras, which enable real-time image transmission to a computer monitor, and with the use of appropriate software, you can take pictures and make videos.

High-quality stainless steel construction ensures a long service life, thanks to which it is resistant to working conditions in industry, where it is often in contact with oils, greases or water.

Application examples:

- inspection of internal combustion engines
- checking the pistons
- inspection of injection nozzles
- checking for cracks in turbine blades
- servicing of aircraft engines
- inspection of welded joints
- control of elements in pneumatic systems
- inspection through service openings of complex machines
- inspection of cast parts

We offer a wide range of rigid endoscopes.
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- Standard borescopes

- Micro borescopes

- Selfoc endoscopes