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Endoskopy SELFOC

SELFOC endoscopes are endoscopes with a diameter of 1.0mm and even smaller. They use the SELFOC system completely. Both the lens and the image transmission medium. Thanks to this technology, optical resolution has been obtained and the image quality in small spaces is exceptional. We get bright, clear photos of the highest resolution (optical resolution). To illuminate the tested object, wide-angle quartz fibers were used, which enables additional illumination of the examined place. As a light source, a daytime 3W LED with dimming option is used. This feature is very important when observing in such small inspection openings. Thanks to this, there are no reflections or flashes in the picture. Thanks to the diopter adjustment, the image sharpness can be adjusted to individual vision predispositions. The endoscope eyepiece is adapted to the C-mount camera connectors, which enables the examined object to be observed on a monitor or a laptop screen. A special Nitinol (super elastic) tube is used to protect the entire optical system. Nitinol is a material that exhibits highly flexible bending properties.

The most important features of SELFOC endoscopes:

  • small outer diameter of the lens from 0.25 mm
  • the highest image quality (optical resolution)
  • resistance to external factors
  • high operating temperature < / li>
  • the use of NiTi Super Elastic flexible tube increases the observation range
  • 70˚ field of view
  • selfoc lens ensures excellent resolution
  • the adjustable eyepiece used ensures individual field of view sharpness adjustment
  • compatibility with various endoscopic examination systems
  • possibility of connecting a CCD camera
  • simple and trouble-free design

Dedicated additional accessories:


Light sources

Stationary and portable