A fiberoscope is a flexible endoscope that uses a flexible cover that allows you to visually observe the areas the path leads through a series of bends. The fiberoscope may also have a semi-rigid cover made of a thin-walled tube.

The optical system of the fiberscope consists of a lens, a high-resolution quartz (polymer) image guide as the image transmission medium and a movable magnifying eyepiece for diopter focusing. Thanks to illuminating optical fibers, it is possible to observe objects in dark places.

The main advantage of fibroscopes is the ability to conduct research in objects with complex shapes and difficult access to test surfaces.

Halogen light source, LED light source or UV light source can be connected to fiberscopes with appropriate modification of the fiberscope.

The universal design of fiberscopes means that any camera and TV monitor can be connected to each model.