The company OPTEC S.C. The Optoelectronics Experimental and Production Enterprise started its activity in 1988. We operate in the medical industry as well as in the field of industrial technology. Thanks to cooperation with numerous foreign companies (Japan, USA, Germany), we can offer the best quality components for the production of our products. Our company’s products find regular customers in the field of medicine, microscopy, technical and industrial endoscopy. We offer borescopes, fiberoscopes, fiber optic cables, LED illuminators for endoscopy, quartz and polymer imaging guides, video-endoscopes, fiber optics elements made of multi-component glasses, high-purity polymers, quartz and transparent materials in the infrared and ultraviolet range. OPTEC is a producer of renowned medical specula, awarded with medals of international fairs.

OPTEC production departments:

Technical and industrial endoscopes:

– rigid endoscopes (boroscopes) based on Hopkins II optics

– flexible endoscopes (fiberoscopes) based on quartz or polymer imaging devices

– UV endoscopes

– video endoscopes

– LED illuminating handles

– stationary light sources

– fiber optic illuminating cables

– quartz and polymer image guides

– making prototype structures

– service of all types of borescopes

– polishing of image fibers

Special fibers:

– optical fibers for medical and dermatological lasers

– optical fibers for spectroscopes, pyrometers and other measuring devices

– industrial optical fibers for machine tools, sensors, etc.

– prototypes and atypical optical fibers


– rigid autoclavable and non-autoclavable endoscopes for medical applications

– Medical autoclavable lighting optical fiber cables

– cold light sources

– flexible endoscopes

– optical fibers for dentistry to cure fillings

– complete rectoscope sets

– amnioscopes

– vaginoscopes

– frontal illuminators and surgical loupes

– gynecological illuminators improving the comfort of diagnosis, necessary for the treatment of erosions and treatments using laser technology

– service of endoscopes and medical optical fibers

– service of medical devices

Lighting technique:

– attractive prices

– installation at the customer’s site

– technical support

– production for individual projects

– fiber optic chandeliers

– starry sky

– LED lighting

– fiber optic curtains

– intelligent lighting (DMX, DALI)

– PMMA polymer optical fibers

– A rich set of accessories for fiber optic lighting technology (garden, swimming pool, sauna, interior architectural solutions, etc.)